Isabella loves her portable swing perch

2021.09.16 12:07 fullywinged Isabella loves her portable swing perch

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2021.09.16 12:07 stevenpul6 3 Reasons Why Cloud-Based eDiscovery Could Be the Move Your Law Firm Needs in 2021

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2021.09.16 12:07 HighHorndog69420 Metal Light Reflectors

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2021.09.16 12:07 -en- @Reuters: Investors tense up as fears of post-election gridlock rise in Canada

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2021.09.16 12:07 abhinavdua Is it just coincidence? or is there any design/advertising philosophy behind this?

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2021.09.16 12:07 normal_asian_18_yo What does this mean? Available for Token Sale: 27%.

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2021.09.16 12:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | Polis Akademsi tarafından 27. POMEM mülakat sonuçları açıklandı mı, ne zaman açıklanıyor? #PolisMeslekEğitimMerkezi #PolisAkademisi #Yeterliliksınavı son saatin en çok aranan 12. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 11 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2021.09.16 12:07 Soviet_Plays (GiG) accuses elevate of faking a Rh + elevate was able to play the match with another player which hasn't been a thing you can do ever

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2021.09.16 12:07 Tessia0710 Where to read Ancient Godly Monarch - Chapter 981: Shocking Change to the Immortal Ascension Rankings) online for free!!

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2021.09.16 12:07 EASY_GOING_ Mega Houndoom raid team

9730 2392 0988 add me for this raid and any others!
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2021.09.16 12:07 FrenchRetard The melee balance patch (mostly nerfs)

As you may have noticed if you played TABG anywhere during the last months, melee is pretty strong, too strong even (and pretty damn common)
So here's my take on how to balance it, please give more feedback than just "get good" and "stay out of range"
First and foremost, I believe melee should be focused around it's abilities rather than mindlessly left clicking until you kill your opponent
1 Handed :
[NERF] Make the damage reduction from dual wielding guns (25%) work on melee too
Rapier : [NERF] Slow it's swing speed by 50% [BUGFIX] Make it's right click ability give kill credit (it doesn't currently)
Sabre : [NERF] Increase the time it takes for it's right click to activate, as you cannot avoid it without a movement blessing, feeling very unfair [NERF] Reduce it's damage by around 25%-50%
Viking axe : [NERF] Reduce it's damage by 25% [REWORK] Change the walls shape so that you cannot get stuck in between the ice
Pan : [BUFF] Make it more common [BUGFIX] Make it 1 handed-able (you can't put it in your 3rd slot currently) [REWORK] Give it's right click the ability to knock down people and making them fly (home run, basically), 10s cooldown and a long wind-up
2 Handed :
[NERF] Make 2 handed weapons way rarer overall [NERF] Remove damage knock [NERF] Having a 2 handed melee weapon in your hands reduces your overall speed by 20%
Katana : [NERF] Reduce it's damage by ~25% (making it 3 hits minimum to kill a 100hp opponent)
Jarl axe : [NERF] Reduce it's damage by 25%-40% (making it 2 hits minimum to kill a 100hp opponent) [REWORK] Make it's right click ability throw players in the air (not knocking them down), similarly to the gravity field spell but way faster, 5s cooldown and does 20 damage
If this isn't possible : [NERF] Remove the slow effect from the slam
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2021.09.16 12:07 pathum1992 BNB Cash

A really intriguing platform with defined aims, a strong product, and a deserving staff that will undoubtedly fulfill its objectives. Best wishes! I am confident that this platform will be a huge success in the future.

#Bnbfintech #cryptocurrency #blockchain #btc📷 #defi #bounty #DeFi
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2021.09.16 12:07 zF4t3 🥵

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2021.09.16 12:07 Sgt-Colbert Weight loss plan (advice): 38M, 215 to 185 pounds in 4-6 Months

Hey so I'm looking for some advice and was wondering if anybody would be willing to look over my "plan" on how to achieve my goal. As the title says, I'm 38 years old, male and currently weigh 215 pounds. My goal is to get down to 185, in about 4-6 months. I go to the gym 3 times a week for weightlifting and possibly some cardio (bike or crosstrainer). My idea was to try and do a 16:8 IF and watch what I eat more carefully with counting calories. I usually don't eat breakfast anyway so getting to lunch with water and black coffee shouldn't be that hard for me during the week. Now my question is, how "bad" is it, to break that fasting cycle every once in a while during the weekends? How much of an impact on my overall goal would it have if occasionally I have dinner on Friday with some friends and then have an early brunch on Saturday for example? Myfitnesspal says I should stay just shy of 2000 calories to achieve my set goal. I THINK I should be able to achieve that no problem, MOST of the time, especially during the week. I don't eat that much junk food and getting rid of the unhealthy snacks in my fridge and replacing them with apples and bananas is just a matter of buying the right stuff when I'm grocery shopping. So overall I think doing 16:8, eating healthy and counting calories during the week should be relatively easy for me. Now my real problem, which, knowing myself, will be almost impossible to maintain is the weekend. I just can't keep up 16:8 every weekend, there will be times where it will be more like 12:12 or something of the sorts. And also staying below 2000 calories during that time will be difficult.
So my question is, how much impact will it have on my overall goal if I don't stick to my plan 100% of the time during weekends?
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2021.09.16 12:07 Old_Education5586 Hybrid Spear/Lifestaff build (Monk?)

i did a lot of testing in the beta with different "hybrid" builds utilizing AmbeInt Gems and here´s the result for my final Lifestaff+Spear build:;d:5;i:5;f:152;c:48;w1:Spear;w2:LifeMagic;t1:999,1000,1003,1004,1001,1002,1016,1012,1010,1017,1013,1014,1029,1030,1025,1026,1027,1033,1028;t2:895,889,890,891,898,902,901,899,896,897,903,904,905,906,907,908,921,916,919;iw1:25008;gsw1:600;pw1:1502,1616,1850,1849,1690;iw2:23990;gsw2:600;pw2:1502,1508,1848,1707,1854;psh:;a1:17285;gsa1:600;pa1:1450,1508,1704,1735,1777;a2:22045;gsa2:600;pa2:1452,1508,1775,1733;a3:24693;gsa3:600;pa3:1446,1508,1733,1769,1775;a4:24707;gsa4:600;pa4:1452,1508,1736,1781,1777;a5:24694;gsa5:600;pa5:1452,1508,1733,1769,1775;a6:24761;gsa6:600;pa6:1452,1620,1733,1803,1794;a7:25022;gsa7:600;pa7:1450,1604,1826,1829,1835;a8:24792;gsa8:500;pa8:1450,1612,1824,1823,1805;
(Equip i picked is not BiS and just an example. Just get medium weight overall, max healing output and take a spear with consti not dex)
So why did i pick spear in the end over other weapons:
Spear´s dmg loss compared to other weapons was lowest due to several reasons. All weapons scaling with 2 stats seem to lose less dmg when they are slotted with an amber gem (greataxe and warhammers dmg loss was horrible, sth between 30-40%) also str and int weapons have stronger "keystone" dmg buffing perks at 50/100/150/200 points compared to dex weapons.
Now comparing the spear to the rest of the dual stat scaling weapons it had several advantages: The spear has good crit chance and dmg and 5% crit on light +10% crit chance if you poke from far enough away from enemy (+ 18,4% crit after a vault kick for 5sec) so even if you priorize healing stats on your gear over crit you end up with decent crit values.
A nother bonus of the spear its all his cooldown reduction skills and short CD abilitys give you very little downtime without an active skill (so not having a 2nd dmg weapon to switch to is less missed)
All the spear abilitys i picked are CC (on of them a ranged CC even) so no matter if you need a little breathing room to cast a lights embrace or hinder a enemy from running away you got the tools for that.
Its not be the optimal option for pure dps in pve (but to be fair focus hybrid specc never is anyways) but your tanky and thanks to the CC even more anoying in pvp.

Stat wise you should go for 150 focus then aim for 200 constitution. after that your choice if you want to become even more tanky and get 300con or increase your heals and pump full focus (after reaching 200 con)
Weapon tree prio is: get all the actives (incl sub points of skills) then the CDR skills for the spear and the 2 grp buffs "Sacred Protection" and "Spirits United" for Lifestaff (ontop of their normal usefullness they count as buffs so with the 2 buffs you giving with Orb of Protection you provide 4 buffs with 100%uptime meaning your lights embrace got a whooping 120% MORE healing bonus)
This specc is super strong for lvling and i didnt have any problems healing in dungeons too.
In Grp PvP it looked pretty solid so far too since your really hard to kill with all the healing+cc and in 1on1 or smale scale pvp you can just outlive everything that has no healer whilst beeing dangerous for other healers too due to "chain CC".

If you have any questions about the specc feel free to ask =)

Greetz PEST

(PS: Wir rekrutieren weiterhin Member: )
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2021.09.16 12:07 -en- @Reuters: Around 3,000 health workers suspended in France over vaccination-minister

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2021.09.16 12:07 racch__ [O levels] predictions for core/pure geog

hi! anyone whose teacher have prediction qns for TOURISM in p1 and HEALTH&DISEASE in p2? my teacher didn’t give resources on the predicted qns for those topics :( or could y’all share the qns that are tested for your prelim papers on those two topics? because prelim papers mostly test qns that teachers think will likely come out for os. thankssss!! if any of y’all need resources for the other topics do dm me :)
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2021.09.16 12:07 Sporocyst_grower Question: Can i dig my vermicomposter to search -and then weight- my total worm weight or it is too disruptive?

A friend of mine gifted me its previous vermicomposter, but i dont know how many worms are in there -and they dont seem like very much active- and i was inquiring if i could dig them up to count/weight them or that maybe too much stress for them.

Also im starting to get some ants, -insert archer meme- but ill look up into it.
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2021.09.16 12:07 Boeing-B-47stratojet Roast me, it is a 1988 John Deere 2955

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2021.09.16 12:07 -en- @Reuters: The U.S., Britain and Australia said they would establish a security partnership for the Indo-Pacific that will involve helping Canberra acquire nuclear-powered submarines, as Chinese influence over the region grows

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2021.09.16 12:07 Prexton8 In my opinion, Something is one of the best songs ever written and I wanted to give it a try! It was really fun learning Paul's bassline, the guitars, the vocal harmonies... Hope you like it!

In my opinion, Something is one of the best songs ever written and I wanted to give it a try! It was really fun learning Paul's bassline, the guitars, the vocal harmonies... Hope you like it! submitted by Prexton8 to beatles [link] [comments]

2021.09.16 12:07 arthursmile ANDRE3000

Any creative wallpapers inspired by Andre3000
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2021.09.16 12:07 _kenico Best leather work gloves?

Hello all! I am a new recruit in an academy & looking for some good leather work gloves. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.16 12:07 GuardianSmith NFL Mic’d up

Not necessarily fantasy news; but it was definitely interesting to watch the reactions of the players. For example; Terry Mclaurin talking about developing a rhythm with Heinecke, and Dan Campbell talking to his OLine about how Swifty is good and the screen is there.
I was ready to run through a wall for Dan Campbell. (Lions HC)
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2021.09.16 12:07 iam_abhay_raj [M/17]Anyone who consider that he/she is not normal???

My first point- I see people saying that they love anime, this music, that music and I am like -"anything else but not this".
Reason is simple -- conversations don't go that deep and interesting in these thing.(just one telling other watch this , listen that)
So you may have got a glimpse of me.
Do you also feel like you are a bit weird than others? Like, they don't understand me. Why are they taking interest on such shitty topic? Is that joke even a joke?
This doesn't mean I don't talk 🤙😜 I can, but if we resonate.
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