*Sneak Sneaky*

2021.09.16 12:04 FeebMemeOvi227 *Sneak Sneaky*

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2021.09.16 12:04 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: ICYMI - California's climate crisis: Droughts and major wildfires are the 'new normal' https://t.co/Uptx5kSMgM

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2021.09.16 12:04 Ztnepres Possible bug? Recent files not accessible by applications

First time posting here.
I have this frustrating bug(?) where any file(screenshots, downloaded images, docs, etc.) would not be accessible to upload with another program.
Example: I take a screenshot(auto added to desktop) and I try to upload this screenshot in an email. The file would NOT appear in my outlook in chrome or even the desktop version of outlook. I can confirm the file is there because I see it in my finders app. Alright, let me try Microsoft teams instead; file is still missing when I try to attach a file and look for it. The only way I can use the recent file is to find a site or program that have the drag and drop option from Mac's Finder App.
Have any of you had this problem? I have had this for months.

TLDR Files that I recently download appear in Mac's Finder app but is not appearing when I try to upload that file with other programs. Drag and drop does work, so the file def exists.
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2021.09.16 12:04 Tessia0710 Where to read Shadow Hack - Chapter 902 - The Great Principal Heaven online for free!!

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2021.09.16 12:04 Blank_0116 What name do you give your child?

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2021.09.16 12:04 Unlucky_character077 My gf bragged to her close friend that she cheated in our relationships to me. I found about that it by accident. So I don’t know what to do. She was talking about her cheating in a good tone like she did something really good thing…

After week , I told her that i know about her cheating. And she smiled and said that it was a just big joke. So i dont have to worry about. But joking to her friend about that its something fantastic. I don’t have confidence in her. She says its just a joke. But i feel something different. She already had dates with other boys and also she was talking about that to her friend saying “its all ok,i will do whatever i want” . I am broken… Dont know what to do. I already stopped our contact. Feels shitty. Guys what i need to do? Dont want nothing. Not eating a food for a week. Just wanna die and never believe in love. I think i still love her… Fuck love
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2021.09.16 12:04 Professional-Use-436 Teamleads

Another rumor about teamleads going salary??
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2021.09.16 12:04 DJkiller669 To throw an axe

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2021.09.16 12:04 aCupofTeapls Tarkov shooter Part 8

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2021.09.16 12:04 Phantom0002 Hello how are you

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2021.09.16 12:04 legohack “Easy drawing” they said, it will be fun they said! Poor girl, I did a botched surgery on her…😂😂😂

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2021.09.16 12:04 arminlcb was letzte Diskriminierung Geimpfter

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2021.09.16 12:04 moshicomics5 Good morning (OC)

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2021.09.16 12:04 GrafLightning Leopard Dropship "Passenger" Capacity

i got a question regarding The carrying Capacity of a Leopard Dropship. At the moment i am building a Battletech RPG Adventure. When creating the Setting (pretty much a murder mystery on a Jumpship) i encountered a problem. Docked on the Jumpship there is supposed to be a Mercany Dropship (Leopard Class).
Now the Leopard is supposed to have a Crew of 9 and enough Space to accomodate a Lance of Mechs wich their Crew and techs. On the other hand the Leopard according to megamek is supposed to have 2 officers 4 Enlisted personnell and 3 Gunners as well as 12 Bay Personnel. So i get that the 9 Crew is the Gunners, Enlisted personnel and the officers.

So my Dropship can only handly a mercenary Lance with a Crew of 12. But if i build a regular Lance i got much more personnely: 4 Mechwarriors, 1 Mech Tech, 12 Astechs (full complement), 1 Doctor and 4 Medics (all according to MegaMek). So the Lance alone has 22 people... how do they fit in a Leopard that only has a Bay Personnel Capacity of 12?
If the Lance personnel isn't counted to the 12 people that are the Bay Personnel, can anyone tell me what the limit on Lance personnel of a Leopard is? 12 is a bit low for a Lance IMHO
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2021.09.16 12:04 ShadowKaras Hayami and Jurota profiles

So the volume came out yesterday, and I heard there would be be profiles in it for Hayami and Jurota. However I've only seen images of the profiles for Alan and Lu Tian, so I just want to ask is there any info on those two? Thank you very much!
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2021.09.16 12:04 tetrix_anime Episode 12 (Final) Preview Visuals

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2021.09.16 12:04 dancingelves25 Looking for some simple wins and hacks for sorting meds, documentation and doing daily activities. All help appreciated!

Currently struggling with organising my chronic illness life. I would love some tips/hacks/shortlist for those of you who have sadly been living this life for a long time and have developed habits that have reduced your fatigue and enabled you to have some simple wins.
Over the past two years my chronic illness has worsened and l I have built up a large number of pills all sitting cluttered under my kitchen sink and in my top drawer in my bedroom. My desk and kitchen table is cluttered with referrals to specialists, script refills and tests I’m yet to do/afford.
I would love for my weeks to be easiemy mind to be less scattered so I’m looking for your help with a list of products to buy to sort the following items:

  1. medications (I have smaller weekly pill packets for day and night meds and this has been a game changer). I need something to sort all the bulky pill containers that I use to refill my weekly medication. It has grown extensively and it’s a source of stress and pressure I don’t need.
  2. Illness documentation (referrals/test forms that are yet to be done), repeat scripts, chronic illness organisation tips. Mine is cluttered everywhere and I’ve lost so many.
  3. Lastly I’d love a list of products that made your life easier and reduced bending, gave you more insight into your health, reduced your fatigue etc. E.g. anything that helps you unpack a dishwasher, shower more easily, walk up the stairs with more ease, go out for walks better e.g comfortable workout clothing/shoes, reduced back pain (besides medication), reduced nausea (besides medication), helped you to work from a desk type situation (I still work I’m just struggling to do so but I want to stay working for as long as I can as I’m young, have no kids and success at work is very important to me). I’m in a management role so any managers who have tips on remembering important things about staff would be welcomed as brain fog is an issue for me and I also have to present to clients most days of the week.
  4. Anything that just makes you feel better. E.g. some nice products that lift your mood daily/ good hobbies that aren’t too difficult/ don’t rob you of too much energy.
Thank you in advance
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2021.09.16 12:04 OllieAUS What am I looking for in a Bluetooth Dongle?

Hey guys, I have a Pi4 on the way that I’m looking to set up as an emulation machine, and want to add a Bluetooth dongle to boost Bluetooth speed and try to reduce controller lag. The only issue is that I don’t really understand what I’m looking for in terms of dongles/adaptors. The adaptors sold in stores around me all seem to feature windows 8 & 10 plug and play compatibility, but is that going to work on Raspbian? If so why is that? I’ve seen videos of people plugging in without having to set up drivers, but I’m not sure how that’s meant to work. Are the drivers not designed for a different OS? I currently have a Targus 4.0 dual mode adapter lying around the house ( https://au.targus.com/products/bluetooth-4-0-dual-mode-micro-usb-adapter-acb75au ) will this work on the Pi if I disable the onboard BT?
Cheers for any help, just a bit confused.
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2021.09.16 12:04 Tessia0710 Where to read A Sorcerer’s Journey - Chapter 447 - Phagocytic Shell I online for free!!

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2021.09.16 12:04 McFlyJohn MJF gets such good heat. DAE nuclear?

Wrestling Observer Awards
Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic Winners:
2006 - WWE exploits the death of Eddie Guerrero, Orton says Eddie is "in hell"
2013 - WWE exploits the death of Paul Bearer
2015 - Using Reid Flair's death in an angle
Yes, I'm still offended by WWE exploiting the death of wrestlers for heat, why do you ask?
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2021.09.16 12:04 blackfireheart Sdhsthv

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2021.09.16 12:04 Delicious-Incident88 AirPods Pro or Sony WF 100XM3

First off, I can’t spend too much money on the XM4 since the XM3 and AirPods Pro are on offer right now in my country.
Here are my characteristics:

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2021.09.16 12:04 coriscaa [EU][PS4][XBOX][<3000-4000+ SR] Shockwave console league (ps & xbox) is looking for teams and players to join us for our first season!

Hey everyone, my name is coriscaa and I’m one of the owners of Shockwave. Shockwave is a new console league for xbox and ps players alike.
We are going to open sign-ups for teams next week and if you aren’t on a team, you can use our league server to find a team! The league is split into four divisions ranging from low diamond/high plat to GM+.
Season 1 starts on the 1st of October! If you’re interested, join our Discord server via the link: https://discord.gg/FSRuznQG
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2021.09.16 12:04 deadmanwalking74 my dad worked at IBM for 27 years

He got a woman manager in the late 80s and after 3 years of trying she finally got permission to fire him.
He got a clock for working for 25 years...I still have it. My mom was going to throw it away but I was like "hell no, you have no idea the shit he took for that clock".
He got hired back a year later as a consultant at 3x his pay. fucking corporations.
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2021.09.16 12:04 ComplicatedFella12 Looking for a label and/or explanation

I will say clearly before I post this that telling me I am not aspec is completely fair, valid, and honestly expected. I know many questioning posts are seeking validation for their identity, however I do not believe I am aspec. As expected with that sort of introduction, sexual topics, discussions, and non-graphic examples will be mentioned so please stray away from this post if that is an issue for you. Additionally, I will note that this is a throwaway account because my nephew knows my usual account and I don't want him reading about my sexual history for a laugh. Finally, I don't really want a "whatever label feels comfortable with you" kind of answer because my current label is "if I feel attraction, so be it". I just want things to look into so I can try and find a proper explanation for myself.
So at present, I identify with being transgender (MTF - she/her) and aromantic (cupioromantic if looking for a microlabel). However, I'm not sure of my sexual attraction because, let's be honest, it's really difficult to know for sure when aro and when dysphoria plays a role. Normally I would say "I'm probably heterosexual, maybe bicurious even", however having discovered some microlabels and online talk about sex-favourable asexuals, I began to wonder if there was actually something in this community that related to me or if I was reading misinformation or misinterpreting something. I do heavily suspect that I am not aspec as what seems to be a fundamental pillar of asexuality is violated by me: I am interested in and am pursuing sex. Definitely with penises, probably not with vaginas but that might be an issue of penetrative sex as a MTF transgender woman and not a lack of attraction, I don't really know, that's a self-reflective issue for another time. Anyway, the questioning essentially began when I saw someone saying "sex-favourable asexuals can want to and actually have sex, but aren't sexually attracted to people. They just don't look at people and go 'oh I want to have sex with that person.'" That doesn't make the most sense to me as I thought sex-favourable meant that people liked the concept of sex or seeing sex in media, not that actually wanted to have sex. However, I do fall into this category as I have never pictured a person sexually for my own desire. I have sought out sexual relations with someone before, but I would say I was definitely attracted to the availability of sexual arousal and not sexually attracted to the person, if that makes sense. Stated in different ways, I am attracted to the sensations and the act but not to any given person or body attached. Attracted to sex but not the body or mind of which it's with. I do not consume porn as I largely find it disturbing and I do not find the people or genitalia sexually attractive, but I do get aroused by the thought of the sensation or being in the scenario. For a weird metaphoanalogy, imagine someone interested in drugs, like ectasy or something. They're not attracted to the drug itself, but for the sensation that comes with it. They don't benefit from looking at the drug or watching other people take it, but get excited when thinking about taking it.
As I said, I do not think that I am asexual whatsoever because I am mostly comfortable with and want to have sex, however I have never actually felt sexual attraction to a person, just attracted to the feeling that it would hypothetically provide. Despite being an adult, I am a virgin however I have talked to someone and I do have someone that I plan on having sex with when they are visiting me. I feel like this extra disqualifies me because I am seeking sex with a specific person, however the point stands that I do not find this person actually attractive, but that I find the availability of sex attractive. I have talked to him about this and he is still interested. Of course, when this actually happens a lot could change such as finding out that I am all talk and no bite and that I'm not interested in actual sex, I don't know, but for now this is the situation I'm in.
So that leaves the questions of "do people actually get sexually attracted to specific people or do they just want the pleasure of sex", "does asexuality count based off of interest and pursuit of the act of sex or does it count based off of sexual interest and attraction to people", "can an asexual actually be interested in and pursue having sex with someone based off of the fact that they would be available", and "is there a niche, fringe microlabel that applies to me".
I'm guessing not but if you guys have something for me to look at, let me know lol
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