Pyroblast has been my winning card many times

2021.10.27 08:00 flyingnimbus93 Pyroblast has been my winning card many times

Pyroblast has been my winning card many times
I drew this card right when I needed it. Just got lucky in this game.
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2021.10.27 08:00 Diapos Ragnaros Equip bugged

The Sulfuras equipment from Rag is bugged and doesnt prevent rag from being frozen.
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2021.10.27 08:00 FakeRealPlant I am going to be a first time kitty papa. I have compiled a small list of questions I have to make sure I do the best job possible.

  1. How do I prevent my cat from disturbing my sleep?
I suffer from chronic fatigue due to a severe case of sleep apnea and clinical depression. I want to allow the cat access to my room at night, but I am afraid that the cat will wake me up in the middle of the night, which can greatly impact my functioning during the day. Is there anything I can do to minimize destructive or noisy behavior while at night?
  1. Is it okay to leave a cat alone for 6-10 hours at a time? I am currently unemployed, but I have to make myself available to any work schedule that will have me. How can I ensure the cat is properly intellectually stimulated and isn’t developing separation anxiety?
  2. How do you train a cat to reinforce positive behaviors? Any tips and tricks?
  3. How often do you recommend litter be cleaned? Are there any litter boxes or products that you’d recommend that could limit smell and mess?
  4. What is the cat food brands you trust most?
  5. How do you prevent a cat from chewing on loose wires?
  6. Finally, what are some tips and tricks you’ve picked up from experience to provide a happy and healthy environment and interaction with your cat?
Also, what are some good ways to play with a cat that would make it happy?
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2021.10.27 08:00 WildYakobAppears [FS] Blurple R-Pro Pig, 171g, 10/10, 15 Shipped

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2021.10.27 08:00 TheIdesofApril Should a bagel face down in the toaster oven?

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2021.10.27 08:00 Mountain-Potential-1 Mon histoire dans la rue

Bjr je tiens à vous présentai mon histoire : un jour je suis partit dans la rue et un inconnu me suivais et tout d’un coup il m’attrape le bras et me dis :Salut mec comment tu vas on s’est vue hier pour la soirée……… . Tout d’un coup je me suis dis que me veux t’il car le jour d’avant je n’avais pas cour et jeté rester chez du coup dès qu’il m’a lâcher je suis partit en courant chez moi et j’ai pris plein de petit chemin pour le perdre car il me suivet dû depuis j’en et plus jamais entendu parler
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2021.10.27 08:00 lawrencevillains Pass

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2021.10.27 08:00 underground_cenote How to meet people to hang out with as a solo woman

All of my friends, and I mean all of them (including my roommates) are going on an expensive trip this weekend that I can't afford. My uni is too far from home to go see family but I rly don't want to spend the whole weekend alone studying. I want to go clubbing or partying or even just hang out with someone but idk how to meet people. Was thinking about staying at a youth hostel to meet some friends this weekend but not sure. Also being a woman makes it more complicated as I'm scared to go to a club/ bar by myself in case it attracts a predator. Any advice to meet people or how to navigate nightlife by myself?
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2021.10.27 08:00 Floral_blossom Trading og mermaid

Lf: low tiers
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2021.10.27 08:00 No_Crab2254 W or L? I gave pele

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2021.10.27 08:00 NewsElfForEnterprise Malaysia's Namewee banned in China after music video mocks online nationalists

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2021.10.27 08:00 KaleAway6968 💎 RemeX (RMX) Just launched today Utility Token | New Milestone Achieved ⬆️ | RMX is now Integrated into the System ⚙️ | Giveaway Quiz Ongoing! | 🤩 Long-term Project | Real Company | Doxxed Team ✅

📢 The RemeX utility token is now linked to the Agafos system via AgaPort 🔗
The project follows the roadmap step by step achieving new milestones along the way. More exciting updates to come!
⚙️ AgaPort is a getaway that enables RemeX’s access and integration into the system. With this update, both holders of RemeX and users of the Agafos platform have an opportunity to:
Get a membership access
Be awarded for achievements for being an active member
Create original and popular content and monetize it
Buy/Sell/Exchange goods and services within in-house NFT Marketplace
Be involved in the decision-making and charity campaigns within the platform
🤩 With the new feature, the platform is now able to host a 🎁 GIVEAWAY QUIZ 🎁 and award the winners the RemeX Tokens without external intermediaries.
Play the quiz: Are You A Crypto Nerd? Link:
Guess the questions correctly and quicker than the others
Take your spot among the Top 20 of the highest-ranking players
Briefly About RemeX Token
RemeX (RMX) is the utility token developed by AGAFOS LLC for its user-generated platform launched in April of 2020. RemeX now is the currency used throughout Agafos platform with the help of AgaPort. Shortly, AgaScan - a secure tool ensuring secure and transparent transactions - will be introduced and launched. Stay tuned!
For more information, make sure to visit the official pages:
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xf686c0d95d750e987775a0ff638c484ded9075ff
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.27 08:00 sleepless_parent Our boy name of the day is Waylon. Waylon is ranked #103 most popular baby boy name in the US in 2020. Click the link to read more about the name's meaning, origin and popularity.

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2021.10.27 08:00 OnlyProggingForFun How to read more research papers? (tips & tools given)

In this article, I am sharing the best tips and practical tools I use daily to simplify my life as a research scientist to be more efficient when looking for interesting research papers and reading them
Please, let me know if you use any other tools that I did not mention in my article that could be of great addition.
Quick summary of the tools discussed:

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2021.10.27 08:00 KathChalmers High school training concerns

My son and his best friend are freshmen in high school and want to join the high school crew team.
After the parents' info session last night, I have some serious concerns. Would very much appreciate your perspective as experienced crew members.
The rowing club program requires an intensive winter conditioning program 6 days per week. In the spring, the team also practices 5 days per week and either races or practices on Saturdays. Nearby lakes and the river are deemed not good enough, so practice requires a daily 25-mile commute in busses during rush hour. The kids have about 60-90 minutes before the busses leave to work on homework. It is an extremely challenging school (98% college-bound, about 50% taking honors and AP courses). The costs are $1750 per student plus parents are expected to fundraise an additional $20K+. The team is very competitive in state championships but doesn't seem to have much presence nationally.
1) Is this intensity of training a) necessary and b) effective for high school students. How are the kids going to have sufficient muscle recovery if they are training for 2+ hours every day? What is the instance of overtraining injury/joint trauma in high school crew programs with this kind of training schedule? What is the mental toll of this level of training to the exclusion of nearly all other activities? I've read that even NCAA college teams alternate workouts - is this style program really a good idea? (It feels very 1980s.)
2) Is it possible for a good student to keep up his grades with such a time burden? I am under no illusion that my kid will get a crew scholarship or win gold in the Olympics. Straight As are the table stakes at the colleges he says he wants to attend. How do I assess the academic risk of taking on this sport?
Background: The parents in our area are generally batshit crazy over team sports. Overtraining is rampant and the time commitments and program costs are extremely high. Most of my friends' kids on traveling soccer teams have had repeated serious injuries: knee surgeries, ankle surgeries, stress fractures, concussions, overtraining joint injuries, etc. For this reason, I have never encouraged my kids to participate in sports other than sailing and golf, which can offer lifelong enjoyment.
What's a reasonable parent to do? I want to support and encourage my son, but is this a good idea?
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2021.10.27 08:00 rtbot2 New mobile driving license initiatives unveiled in Europe and the U.S.

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2021.10.27 08:00 MatchCaster [Pre-Match thread] New England Revolution vs Colorado Rapids

[Major League Soccer - 2021/2022] New England Revolution - Colorado Rapids Match Info
Date: October 27, 2021
Time: 19:00 (America/New_York)
Venue: Gillette Stadium

Bookmaker Home Draw Away
Bwin 1.68 3.8 4.6
NordicBet 1.7 4.0 4.5
10Bet 1.66 3.85 4.55
William Hill 1.65 3.9 4.8
Bet365 1.61 4.0 5.0
Marathonbet 1.69 4.05 4.75
Unibet 1.68 3.9 4.7
Betsson 1.7 4.0 4.5
188Bet 1.69 4.3 4.45
Pinnacle 1.71 4.06 4.98
SBO 1.71 3.8 4.3
Netbet 1.64 3.8 4.45
1xBet 1.71 4.04 4.66
Sportingbet 1.68 3.8 4.6
ComeOn 1.68 4.05 4.8
Betway 1.7 3.8 4.5
Tipico 1.6 4.0 4.7
Betcris 1.68 4.0 4.47
888Sport 1.68 3.9 4.7
Dafabet 1.72 3.8 4.2
Head to Head
Date Result Competition
05.07.2019 02:00 Colorado Rapids 1-2 New England Revolution Major League Soccer
10.03.2018 18:30 New England Revolution 2-1 Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer
04.03.2017 23:00 Colorado Rapids 1-0 New England Revolution Major League Soccer
03.09.2016 23:30 New England Revolution 2-0 Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer
04.04.2015 23:00 Colorado Rapids 0-2 New England Revolution Major League Soccer
Team Statistics
New England Revolution
Games Played 15 17 32
Wins 11 10 21
Draws 3 4 7
Loss 1 3 4
Goals For 30 34 64
Goals Against 17 23 40
Goals For 2.0 2.0 2.0
Goals Against 1.1 1.4 1.3
Colorado Rapids
Games Played 16 15 31
Wins 8 7 15
Draws 7 3 10
Loss 1 5 6
Goals For 26 19 45
Goals Against 12 20 32
Goals For 1.6 1.3 1.5
Goals Against 0.8 1.3 1.0
Recent form
New England Revolution: DWDWWW
Colorado Rapids: WDLWLW
# Team GP W D L GF GA GD P
1 New England Revolution 32 21 7 4 64 40 +24 70
2 Philadelphia Union 31 13 10 8 43 32 +11 49
3 Nashville SC 31 11 16 4 47 28 +19 49
4 Orlando City SC 31 12 11 8 45 44 +1 47
5 New York City FC 31 12 8 11 51 34 +17 44
6 New York Red Bulls 30 12 7 11 37 31 +6 43
7 Atlanta United FC 30 11 10 9 40 34 +6 43
8 Montreal Impact 31 11 10 10 44 41 +3 43
9 DC United 31 12 5 14 51 50 +1 41
10 Inter Miami 31 11 5 15 33 48 -15 38
11 Columbus Crew 31 10 8 13 38 42 -4 38
12 Chicago Fire 32 9 7 16 36 51 -15 34
13 Toronto FC 31 6 8 17 35 60 -25 26
14 FC Cincinnati 31 4 8 19 33 64 -31 20
[ All data provided by MatchCaster ^(*, a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit.
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2021.10.27 08:00 frost0401 Another Issue of official comic. Collected from facebook

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2021.10.27 08:00 Thetimmybaby Trump's former coronavirus advisor says Republicans are culpable for hundreds of thousands of deaths in the USA

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2021.10.27 08:00 AmazonNewsBot Worker Wednesday - Workers and Sellers

This thread is a place for questions and general discussion for everyone trying to make a living via Amazon (i.e., working or selling at Amazon). No self-promotion or advertising is allowed in this thread. That includes promotional account names, any mention of your products, linking anything you own, and anything else disallowed in the subreddit rules.
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2021.10.27 08:00 Plane_Pace Part2 i am still working on it but half of it is nearly finished is this going good

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2021.10.27 08:00 AskRedditButAI What are some amazing YouTube channels to watch a family member create?

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2021.10.27 08:00 SearchEngineJournal How 3 Different Enterprise SaaS Content Strategies Work (With Examples)

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2021.10.27 08:00 mayslife109 Ah yes what a good sale. (Yes I am standing on the displayer)

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2021.10.27 08:00 ImNotPregnantJustFat Daily Chat Thread - Wednesday Oct 27, 2021

What's going on in your life today? Have you done anything exciting?
All BFP goes in the "Weekly Update Thread.
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