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E-Dokha, has anyone tried it

2021.10.27 06:23 Calm_Cartoonist E-Dokha, has anyone tried it

Has anyone tried E-dokha? Is it worth buying and if so where can I find a good vendor online. I smoke Dokha often but I don’t like carrying it around and smoking it publicly as some people get the wrong impression. Or should I just buy a stronger vape?
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2021.10.27 06:23 genbeatm8kr3 Your favourite part of DNA?

Was just listening to this this song... and I was wondering which part is y'alls favourite of the song?
Mine is 1st part < 2nd part. Yours?
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2021.10.27 06:23 MahBoiYujiro I can't enjoy matches anymore unless my favorites are involved, has anyone else gone through this phase?

I used to enjoy shows from start to finish but ever since returning from a long period of not watching anything I just can't get into most matches anymore, even if it's between great wrestlers with a good story behind it. Doesn't matter if it's WWE, AEW or NJPW. I know my watching habits don't matter but I feel like I'm leaving a lot of food on the table for no good reason lol. Has anyone else gone through a phase like this? If so, what shook you out of it?
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2021.10.27 06:23 NotTheBourgeoisie anime_irl

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2021.10.27 06:23 Therapistindisguise Dataflow down in EU north

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2021.10.27 06:23 --LingLingWannabe-- LF this offer or no pot kanga and good add!! (Counteroffer allowed but small chance of accepting)

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2021.10.27 06:23 No_Concentrate1808 Gigigig

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2021.10.27 06:23 CelebBattleVoteBot Heyoon Jeong vs Billie Eilish

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2021.10.27 06:23 Wooden_Usual_8247 My 1.3 years progress regarding gestures. Still have a long way to go. Feedback&critique is more than welcome!

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2021.10.27 06:23 Radio_Unique What does it mean when a man say “I want you”

Is it purely sexual?
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2021.10.27 06:23 CelebBattleVoteBot Battle of the best True Detective ass: Michelle Monaghan vs Lili Simmons vs Alexandra Daddario

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2021.10.27 06:23 Significant_Pirate_9 Cigar box guitar jam with chops and licks!

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2021.10.27 06:23 Nick3492 Sara Gonzales 🇺🇸

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2021.10.27 06:23 Wonderful_Ninja its the best perfoming coin in my portoflio this week - if this goes to a dollar by xmas, i will eat my toes

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2021.10.27 06:23 Pitiful_Kick3919 DeFi 2.0 : The DeFi upgrade

Evenly distribution of governance in the to users in crypto space is the first mission of DeFi 2.0. When you hear DeFi 2.0, what crosses your mind? Oh shoot! Some of you might not have idea of what DeFi means, well, let’s take a brief tour on what’s it entails. DeFi is just simply put as the trading of financial services by the use of digital currency known as token between participants. These services could include; insurance, investment, payment, lending and borrowing , and they are all based on technology of solid token. The most prominent or dominant of DeFi remains ETH network system. At top level, DeFi is seen as a platform where financial assets are available to everyone on an open public blockchain decentralized network and without involvement of intermediaries such as brokerages and banks. With such adoption and growth in DeFi 1.0, population on host network became too large that scalability arose as one of its limitation, causing network congestion and in turn high transaction fees. Liquidity concerns too arose as a result of DeFi being smaller than most traditional financial institutions and so on.
Like the superman coming through to save the day, DeFi 2.0 development has come to sace the masses of decentralized ecosystem. In connection with token creation, most DeFi projects are with sole purpose of increasing their token minting, so no new innovation or ideas have been brought into the crypto community, just mining of tokens by their participants at early stage which makes the project unsustainable and lacking in community governance. Rectifying this limitation by establishing a cross-chain decentralized financial system that is going to be sustainable is the main goal of DeFi 2.0. All members who can provide liquidity would be connected by DeFi 2.0 project, in which it would use liquidity rewards as an access point and binding the rewards with future users’ transactions. It also targets provision of standard user interface, sustainable and decentralized financial framework, and this right here is the jaw breaking journey of DeFi 2.0 which is “providing financial governance”. KeplerSwap as a pioneer of this development looks to use the DeFi 2.0 for the following advantages : Dissolving the archaic trading model of DeFi 1.0 by creation of a strong vertical link between users and a healthy horizontal relationship between all members ins the ecosystem as this would make keplerswap a fliud trading platform Sustaining an interest in user liquidity contribution by offering a weekly lucky pool to encourage outstanding pool providers. As a space owner, you’re seen as a market maker who creates an amount of liquidity to the system and KeplerSwap would offer SCA( SPACE CONTRIBUTION AWARD) to award you as an owner of space. With this, decision making and full governance a will be granted to each members of the community. Providing standard and open cross-chain platform for DeFi services only enabling its users to create immeasurable idea appurtenant to DeFi. DeFi 2.0 will be a significant upgrade from DeFi 1.0. By incentivizing user engagement, it will shift the focus from just reaping mining rewards to building a sustainable platform for long term liquidity contribution. This is the future of DeFi2.0. To engage or participate in KeplerSwap presale Visit http://keplerswap.io
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2021.10.27 06:23 Skulliken_ AAAAAA pizza

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2021.10.27 06:23 gold-orb if we die then die die die sens si die die died

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2021.10.27 06:23 Alisalard1384 Evil Engi be like:

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2021.10.27 06:23 HolyHand_grenade69 1943

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2021.10.27 06:23 Aggressive-Salary Toa found a student

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2021.10.27 06:23 Alarming-Sandwich319 What is the last date to cancel my admission?

I took admission in hindu college for BSc zoology in 1st cutoff but as a backup plan as my NEET result is awaited and i might get a medical college but its counseling will go till december or so. So just wanted to ask what is the last date to cancel my admission in DU so as to get my fees refund?
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2021.10.27 06:23 eliseo_s "my time for you", me, ink on paper and digital, 2021

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2021.10.27 06:23 itwasmyshadow [Video] The Wolf Among Sheep

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2021.10.27 06:23 AnonApple6 done crying for help

i give up. you know how in dreams you scream but nothing comes out. Well in real life i can kick scream and cry all I want to and im heard but never listened to. Never comforted. Never told its gonna be ok. Instead I am treated like the baby on a plane that wont stop crying and im just told to shut up and save it. What a selfish world that we are so used to turning a blind eye to others pain to focus on our own all by ourselves. Have we even stopped to think thats the root of it all? That if we just scratched each others backs we wouldn’t be so lonely? No. Nobody is allowed to show feeling. Unless it is art. Or for money. And even still in that place of peace when creating or being productive you all somehow find a way to put it down because i didn’t feel the right way. I hate to become the very thing i fear but if you guys are gonna act like this im gonna have to play this stupid game of hiding in the shadows and suffering in silence. It is never too much to ask for a hug or an its gonna be okay. I don’t see why that is so hard. But such is the way of the world right now. So gotta pretend to be happy from now on. Dont be surprised because now all im doing is mirroring the stale smiles around me. I will never have a bad day again according to you guys’ knowledge.
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2021.10.27 06:23 EicerH VFC Scar H

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